How do you get forex alerts of major upcoming occasions?

What service do you guys all use for occasion alerts? Additionally I do not perceive how most occasions impact the market, so is their anyway I can get alerts solely on major occasions and use that data to see whether or not or not I ought to commerce on that day? Thanks for any assist. […]

Symmetrical Triangle Screening Tradingview?..

Hey guys. I used to be questioning if anybody right here is aware of how you can display screen for symmetrical triangles on tradingview? It is most likely my favorite setup to commerce in cryptocurrency’s as a result of they’re so widespread. I most likely see at the least 1/2 tradeable patterns every week on […]

Education and leverage

Hello, I’m a brand new to foreign currency trading. I’ve expertise with shares and choices, and see a number of potential on this market. I would really like references to any assets to find out how this works. I’ve heard good issues about, however would favor video classes. Additionally, I’m weary to place a […]