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NOK Eyes Crude Oil Costs, Norges Bank and FOMC Rate Decisions

NORDIC FX, NOK, SEK WEEKLY OUTLOOK Crude oil prices eyeing FOMC rate decision NOK focusing on Norges Bank, global growth SEK eyes key econ data as financial risks grow See our free guide to learn how to use economic news in your trading strategy! NORWEGIAN KRONE EXPECTED TO BE MOST VOLATILE G10 CURRENCY FOMC RATE […]

Gold Price Weekly Outlook: Breakout Stalls at Multi-year Resistance

Gold Price Weekly Outlook: Breakout Stalls at Multi-year Resistance Gold prices rallied for a fourth-consecutive week with the advance now testing the 2016 resistance slope. These are the levels that matter on the XAU/USD weekly chart. Gold prices are up more than 0.7% this week and marks the fourth consecutive weekly advance in XAU/USD. The […]

Quantitative Easing (QE) Defined: Central Bank Tool for Growth

Quantitative Easing Explained: Main Talking Points With interest rates near zero, the Federal Reserve ventured another policy tool in quantitative easing After years of QE, the Bank of Japan has experienced diminishing economic and financial returns Similarly, the ECB has engaged in long-term refinancing operations (LTROs) as a form of quantitative easing, but their effectiveness […]

Dow Jones and S&P 500, Consolidate or Roll Over?

Dow Jones/S&P 500/Nasdaq 100 Outlook: Dow Jones consolidating (still has H&S potential) S&P 500 also acting constructively Nasdaq 100 – bonus macro-tech chart See how the quarterly forecast has played out so far and what it could mean in the big picture – Q2 Equity Markets Forecast. Dow Jones consolidating (still has H&S potential) The […]

GBP/JPY Value: Bears Need a Break Below the Weekly Support

GBP/JPY Price Outlook, Charts and Analysis Boris Johnson’s growing chances to be the UK’s next PM weigh on Sterling (GBP) price. Eyes on BOE Governor Carney’s speech today. GBP/JPY looking to trade lower. Did we get it right with our GBP and JPY forecasts? Find out more for free from our Q2 GBP and JPY […]
GBP/JPY Value: Bears Need a Break Below the Weekly Support

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