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Forex market overview of first week of June 19

[]( Hey guys I’ve made a video of the pairs I’m looking at fore the first week of June, any interaction is welcome, I’d love to talk about trading with you all! Leave your comments here or on Youtube section. Much appreciated, a good trading week to you all. View Reddit by Harvin69 – View […]

‘BIG BANKS’ IG Sentiment Contrarian view?

What’s up y’all. I’m testing out Something involving a bias based on a contrarian view on the %Short and %Long. It’s based on this popular NoNonsenseForex ‘Big Banks’ video, where if for example 80% of the people are Long, you’ll be biased to Short. ([]( I have no idea if this makes any sense, and […]

Strategy – Why you should backtest your systems

Hello world. Long time lurker here. Wanna give a huge tip to all newbies out there thats thinking about strategies. (like “Buy when price crosses above moving average 10” or whatever) ​ If you think you have a strategy (a set of rules) then theres no excuse not to backtest the rules! Lets say you […]
What’s a good amount of money to start with in forex ?

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