Monday Art - BitART

Fibo Quantum

Comment on Monday Art – BitART by youngminii.

I really like this one. I would buy it (not for too much).

$9000 has such a strong meaning for bitcoin.

Also the text in the background feels like an accurate representation of the background in my head.

youngminii Also Commented

Monday Art – BitART

I’ve decided to post every Monday three different bitcoin/crypto related art pieces (see my [older posts]( Some available, some sold – as a gentle reminder that if you like something, get it before somebody else does 😉 Btw. I am not in any way affiliated with linked artists/stores; just though it might be nice to share these here…

PS: For those interested in cryptoart, I can recommend to follow [@btcArtGallery]( (not mine either).

Monday Art – BitART
Does this one also tear into shreds like the Banksy piece?

Monday Art – BitART
But we’re at 7800

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[UK Only] Switch to 100% renewable energy and get £50 cash + £10 worth of Bitcoin
I like the strategy, hope more people and business are willing to follow you and reward their customers in bitcoin.

[UK Only] Switch to 100% renewable energy and get £50 cash + £10 worth of Bitcoin
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Forex market overview of first week of June 19
Nice vid I watched a little chunk of it. I like these types of videos. Waiting for setups on some of the same pairs as you.

‘BIG BANKS’ IG Sentiment Contrarian view?
Follow the whole series of videos. I started trading nononsense style a few months back. It’s good stuff. Mention it too much here in this sub and people will trash you. They hate hearing that their strategies that have almost never worked are part of a never ending not working strategy matrix that sucks up new traders and keeps them from winning and seeing that there are other modes of trading.

I just come back to this sub for shits and giggles. Everyone here is doing the same damn thing.

‘BIG BANKS’ IG Sentiment Contrarian view?
NoNonsense also covers sentiment. He’s against it: [](

Personally I find it’s one of the best tools in my arsenal if used properly. This was the video for me that broke me of wanting to listen to NoNonsense.

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I really like this one. I would buy it (not ...

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