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  1. Try being in crypto for 6 years, buying the Ethereum ICO, Dragonchain ICO and Nano when it was Raiblocks… and still not being rich.

    Just kill me at this point.

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  2. Yah. Btc only from here on out. I should have just put all my alt coin money into btc at those low prices early this year. I’m learning. It’s all about percentages baby. But with the alt coins I guess your just hoping you get into one that’s the next btc.

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  3. Depends anyways which “Altcoins”, Chainlink outperformed all others obviously. Generalisation does not make much sense I think. The coins that made it over 2 years and have a valid case will still perform.

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  4. I bought at
    Then kinda forgot about it and bought more at 6,000

    Sold at 17,000 seeing there was a major drop coming
    Bought back in at 9

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My Life Story

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