IQRobot Review is a joint decision of several professional investors, each of which has years of experience in binary options and professional investment. The website main theme was decided to be automatic trading, as we have noticed the lack of comprehensive websites focused on automatic trading applications. In addition, we plan to provide the most […]

Binary options demo account for forex

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Updated and honest reviews about TradeRush binary options dealer. Includes exclu…

<img alt="2" src="https://i.pinimg.com/736x/7c/c8/5a/7cc85ae450f6ba712e34fe53f583a8d6.jpg" title="Updated and honest reviews about TradeRush binary options broker. Includes exclu…”> Updated and honest reviews about TradeRush binary options broker. Includes exclusive access to special offers and training not available anywhere else. <br>You need to read this BEFORE you put your money into the TradeRush platform. Find out the truth about the […]

EURUSD Only – Page 1405 @ Forex Factory

Imho the only we can do to prevent stop loss hunting is to proper place stop losses. This means above actual LH’s going short and below HL’s going long, this means only above / below the one’s that produced a NSL or NSH afterwards. Between those two points this is only more complex correction and […]

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