USDCAD Rips and Dips on Tariffs, USMCA Deal, BOC Report

USDCAD, BOC, TARIFFS, USMCA DEAL – TALKING POINTS USDCAD has seen a lot of price action over the last 36 hours in response to mixed headlines including a possible USMCA deal Tariff headlines swung between reports on US steel imports from Turkey and then the White House announced its intent to lift tariffs on Canadian […]

Currency trading basics in Canada, Saskatchewan

basics of currency trading in Canada, Herbert Exchange Rates And Buying and selling ForexAutoPilot System lets you generate a gentle stream of earnings on autopilot. However, the ask value is the value that your dealer is prepared to sell the bottom foreign money in trade for the quote foreign money. They have the most effective […]

Basics absolute beginners in Canada, Nova Scotia

foreign currency trading basics for beginners in Canada, Sydney Mines Fundamentals Of Forex Trading Foreign exchange Trading Basics (learn forex on-line) The amount of leverage accessible to a dealer varies with the broker, for example 100:1, which means that currency trades worth $100,000 will be made with an funding of $1,000. It will be better […]

Currency Volatility Could Ignite with EZ GDP, FOMC, US NFP Next Week

CURRENCY VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS: Following today’s US GDP report, traders will turn their attention to the slew of economic events and data releases on tap next week for further clarity on the market’s next direction Although 1-week implied volatility metrics across the major currency pairs remains subdued, forex market price action is beginning to […]

Cartoon of Xi Jinping on Black Friday results

It could be that next year, Black Friday will yield worse results than this year’s performance. However, in this editorial financial cartoon, the caricaturist took the liberty to lampoon the current swell of support for Asian stocks, and Chinese manufacturing in particular. As news of the sales results were published for the weekend after the […]

Basic education foreign currency trading in Canada, Nova Scotia

the basics of currency trading in Canada, Middleton How Currencies Have an effect on Our Investment Ideas 1. The overseas alternate market serves two functions: converting currencies and decreasing danger. As a result of, by now it is best to know that, Africans, having been educated into being servants by the Europeans, we all know […]
Basic education foreign currency trading  in Canada, Nova Scotia

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