Central Bank Weekly: How Much Further Can Fed, ECB, BOJ Ease?

Talking Points – In line with the improvement in US growth expectations in recent weeks, Fed funds are no longer pricing in a 25-bps rate cut for this September; instead, odds slightly favor a cut in December. – Eurodollar contract spreads have rebounded as have US Treasury yields; the ‘dove’ case from the Fed is […]

Looming Brexit Votes, US Data and BOJ to Stir Forex Volatility Next Week

IMPLIED VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS GBPUSD 1-week implied volatility spikes to 13.35 percent, the highest level since January 15, ahead of crucial upcoming Brexit votes The release of several economic indicators from the US combined with increasing risk aversion and Bank of Japan’s approaching interest rate decision could bring about heightened price action in USD […]

Asian Stocks Mostly Higher But Nikkei Lags On New BoJ Gloom

Asian Stocks Talking Points: Equity markets were mostly higher as the week bowed out The Nikkei 225 was the glaring exception to this rule Percieved haven assets got the better of the US Dollar Find out what retail foreign exchange investors make of your favorite currency’s chances right now at the DailyFX Sentiment Page Asia […]

US Dollar Price Action Setups Ahead of FOMC, ECB, BoJ

On this webinar, we checked out worth motion setups across the US Dollar forward of a big slate of occasion threat. Tomorrow brings the June FOMC price choice, and the huge expectation is that we’re going to see the second hike out of the Fed this yr. The next morning brings a European Central Financial […]

editorial cartoon of Haruhiko Kuroda the JPY and BoJ

This enterprise sketch caricature of Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda first appeared alongside the editorial monetary information of the day on February 28, 2013 in the binary choices information from OptionsClick at weblog.optionsclick.com/2013/02/28/asian-stocks-higher-as-k… . The story behind the picture is that Japanese incoming Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had nominated Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda, the President of the Asian […]
editorial cartoon of Haruhiko Kuroda the JPY and BoJ

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