Trading the Bullish Harami Pattern

Learn to Trade the Bullish Harami The Bullish Harami consists of two candlesticks and hints at a bullish reversal in the market. The Bullish Harami candlestick should not be traded in isolation but instead, should be considered along with other factors to achieve Bullish Harami confirmation. This article will cover: What is a Bullish Harami […]

Palladium Value: Bullish Move Could be Nearing its Final Stage

Palladium Price Forecast Palladium charts and analysis. Palladium price at its highest level in nearly three months. Did we get it right with our various forecasts? Find out more for free from our Q2 USD and main currencies forecasts Palladium Price – Trading Higher On June 14 bullish momentum pressed Palladium higher sending the price […]

Gold Price Outlook Bullish Longer Time period, Focus on Fed Meeting

Gold Price Analysis and Talking Points: Gold Prices in Pole Position to Gain from Global Central Bank Easing FOMC to Signal Readiness to Act See our quarterly gold forecast to learn what will drive prices throughout Q2! Gold Prices in Pole Position to Gain from Global Central Bank Easing Yesterday’s dovish stance from ECB’s Draghi […]

Dollar Turning Bullish; Euro, AUDUSD, Gold Price Chart Set-ups

The U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) has been grinding its way lower back inside a long-term pattern, but despite it failing to hold prior breakout levels the price action suggests it will reassert itself to the upside soon. The Euro has plenty of technical headwinds to contend with. AUDUSD breakdown below 7000 holds the key to […]
COT Report: USD Bullish Bets at Multi-Year Highs, NZDUSD Net Shorts Doubled

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