Dow Jones’ Caterpillar Drags Index Lower on Earnings Miss

Earnings Season Talking Points: Often viewed as a bellwether for global economic activity, Caterpillar’s miss coincides with mounting concerns of slowing global growth Chip-maker Nvidia lowered guidance on similar concerns, acting in lock-step with Apple who is due to report earnings on Tuesday Caterpillar and Nvidia are the newest members to the growing list of […]

Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER

[****]( **Chapter 1: Brand changing many times**​ From IKON to MEX now to Multibank CEO: Naser Taher His Son: Yahya Taher **Why?** + Delete the profit of the clients + Delay the withdrawals many months + Clients can not withdraw the money including the initial capital + Slippage and delay the execution orders even in […]

Student In Debt $400,000 From Trading Crypto

[WPXperVideo id=13 ]right ladies and gentlemen mr. Socko here welcome back to the channel and I got a whole bunch of crypto news and crypto happenings for you so many happenings the first article I have is student turns a 5k into 800 K trading but now owes four hundred thousand dollars in taxes so […]

Crypto News Daily – California State Legislature Passes Bill to Establish Blockchain Working Group

Buy Bitcoin With Cash Instantly Join World Best Crypto Exchange Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card California State Legislature Passes Bill to Establish Blockchain Working Group The California state legislature has passed a bill which seeks to create a blockchain working group that will develop recommendations for blockchain deployment in the state. California’s AB 2… Also […]
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