Cartoon of Xi Jinping on Black Friday results

It could be that next year, Black Friday will yield worse results than this year’s performance. However, in this editorial financial cartoon, the caricaturist took the liberty to lampoon the current swell of support for Asian stocks, and Chinese manufacturing in particular. As news of the sales results were published for the weekend after the […]

Xi Jinping business cartoon

The imbalance of trade between China and America is satirized in this editorial business cartoon of Xi Jinping, who at the time of this image’s release, was presumed by many to become China’s next political leader, as chosen by the Communist Party faithful. In it, the observer sees Mr. Jinping holding a small American flag, […]

binary options news caricature barack obama xi jinping pals summit

<img title="African-American people" src="http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5464/8988808237_63536cf851.jpg" alt="binary options news caricature barack obama xi jinping pals summit”> Political cartoon of Barack Obama (US) and Xi Jinping (CN) as published in the business market update of June 9, 2013 by optionsclick at blog.optionsclick.com/2013/06/09/stocks-soar-and-metals-p… Tagged: , optionsclick , binary , option , options , trade , trader , trading , […]

binary options news cartoon debt ceiling island

<img title="2" src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8323/8400559817_b9e62c01a1.jpg" alt="binary options news cartoon debt ceiling island”> blog.optionsclick.com/2013/01/20/debt-ceiling-talks-in-us… first posted this editorial business comic strip for the binary options news of January 20, 2013 by OptionsClick and it is titled No Debt Ceiling Island Tagged: , binary , option , options , trade , trader , trading , debt , ceiling , […]

Thanksgiving turkey pardoned by President Obama cartoon

President Barack Obama is lampooned in this Thanksgiving Day turkey pardon comic strip panel. Tradition in America dictates that the President pardons one lucky turkey from some unknown act, and so saves the flightless feathery fowl from feeding folks for Thanksgiving dinner and countless leftovers. This year, it happened to be that the economy of […]

Fiscal fallies cartoon

This Fiscal fallies cartoon is a satirical commentary by an editorial cartoonist, about the state of affairs with two of the world’s leading currencies, the greenback or US Dollar, and the Euro, represented here by a character known as Euroman. This comic strip appeared in the binary options news of November 14, 2012 thanks to […]

Caricature of Gump, Obama and Romney

The editorial cartoon seen here features a caricature of Forrest Gump standing in between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. It was featured in the binary options news of October 17, 2012 via OptionsClick for online traders who use the binary options trading platform to invest in various popular market assets. This political cartoon was […]
Caricature of Gump, Obama and Romney

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