Martin Trend Dealer?

Anyone heard of this trend indicator and have any thoughts/experiences? Found a few forex YouTubers use this indicator and it seemed like a useful tool, but as i’m still relatively new to Forex, I am looking for some more experienced people opinions. If it turned out to be promising, the plan was I would use […]

Top 10 Candlestick Patterns To Trade the Markets

Identifying and strategizing using candlestick chart patterns is popular amongst traders, from novices all the way through to experienced individuals. In this article we round up the top 10 candlestick patterns traders must know to trade the markets. What are candlestick patterns? A candlestick is a single bar which represents the price movement of a […]

EUR/GBP Technical Evaluation: Overshadowed by Rare Bearish Pattern

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis As expected, EUR/GBP fell flat on its face after a false breakout to the upside Numerous bearish signals hint the dominant downtrend could resume ahead Support at a range between 0.87237-0.87182, resistance is August trend line Just started trading EUR/GBP? Check out our beginners’ FX markets guide! As anticipated, the bearish warning […]

USD/IDR Risks Reversal While USD/MYR Price Eyes Uptrend Resumption

ASEAN Technical Outlook – USD/PHP, USD/SGD, USD/IDR, USD/MYR The USD/IDR weekly price chart shows numerous bearish reversal warning signs Meanwhile USD/MYR climbs above resistance as it attempts uptrend resumption USD/PHP faces the next critical barrier in its decline as USD/SGD consolidates We released our 4Q forecasts for currencies like the US Dollar in the DailyFX […]

EURGBP Technical Outlook: DownTrend Remains in Place

Euro and GBP Talking Points: EURGBP remains in a downward channel and the technical picture continues to be negative. Italian budget worries simmer in the background. The DailyFX Q3 EURand GBP Forecasts are available to download. EURGBP Downtrend and Fibonacci Retracement After hitting a recent one-year high of 0.90987 on August 28, EURGBP has trended […]

AUD/USD Technical Evaluation: Trend Bias Still Bearish After Rebound

AUD/USD Technical Strategy: NET SHORT AT 0.7492 Australian Dollar rebound neutralizes 3-week resistance hurdle Dominant chart setup continues to favor downtrend resumption Short AUD/USD trade still in play, invalidation above 0.73 mark See our free guide to get help building confidence in your AUD/USD trading strategy! The Australian Dollar has mounted a spirited recovery against […]
AUD/USD Technical Evaluation: Trend Bias Still Bearish After Rebound

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