Martin Trend Dealer?

Anyone heard of this trend indicator and have any thoughts/experiences? Found a few forex YouTubers use this indicator and it seemed like a useful tool, but as i’m still relatively new to Forex, I am looking for some more experienced people opinions. If it turned out to be promising, the plan was I would use […]

How to Control Greed When Trading

Greed is a natural human emotion that affects individuals to varying degrees. Unfortunately, when viewed in the context of trading, greed has proven to be a hindrance more often than it has assisted traders. Greed can very easily turn good trades into bad ones and bad trades into worse trades. This article provides a number […]

Basics absolute beginners in Canada, Saskatchewan

foreign currency trading basics in Canada, Fiske How Currencies Affect Our Funding Ideas Forex trading has develop into the most important market on the planet, where, an estimated $3.2 trillion is transacted on daily basis. Go to the official among the finest things you can do to avoid paying for details about currency trading news, […]


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Brexit Newest: MPs Propose Plan to Wrest Control From May

Brexit: latest news and analysis: Members of the Westminster Parliament have published a plan to wrest control of the Brexit process from UK Prime Minister Theresa May. It would force a discussion in Parliament on March 20 to find a way forward that can command majority support. New Brexit proposal In yet another Brexit development, […]
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