Japanese Yen Unfazed By CPI Uptick, Core Measures Remain Weak

Japanese Yen, CPI Inflation Talking Points: Japanese CPI rose 1.3% in August This was the strongest reading since February However core measures remain extremely subdued despite years of stimulus Join our analysts for live interactive coverage of all the economic data which matter to the Japanese Yen at the DailyFX Webinars The Japanese Yen showed […]

Caricature of a Yin Yang circle

This caricature of a Yin Yang circle shows the words Yen and Yuan superimposed over each half of the circle, and underneath are the colors of the flags of Japan and China, respectively. The background is faded and shows a single jagged line cutting across it at a downward slope from left to right. The […]

Daily market overview – 29/06/2016

The GBP tried to fill in the gaps over the weekend but failed as risk aversion returned. UK CBI realized sales fell from 7 to 4 instead of improving to the estimated 9 reading. UK Nationwide HPI, net lending to individuals, and mortgage approvals are due today but updates from UK officials could play a […]

Trading Outlook for DXY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, Gold Price & More

The current environment in USD has been extremely quiet, but look for that to change as monthly ranges are unusually small. There is still plenty of time to go, but barring any major moves monthly ranges are still historically low. This means traders need to approach the market with patience, but be alert as pent […]
Charts for Next Week – EUR/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/NZD, Gold Price & More

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