S&P 500, Dow Jones Charts: Struggling at Big-picture Slopes

S&P 500/Dow Jones Technical Outlook: S&P 500 continues to struggle around 3k, top-side t-line Dow Jones continues to churn at 2018-present t-line See how the quarterly forecast has played out what it could mean for the big-picture – Q2 Equity Markets Forecast. S&P 500 continues to struggle around 3k, top-side t-line Less than two week […]

US Dollar Turns to GDP Data & Fed Rate Cut Bets

US DOLLAR EYES Q2 GDP REPORT & JULY FED MEETING USD currency traders will turn to upcoming Q2 US GDP slated for release Friday at 12:30 GMT US GDP data has potential to impact the Fed’s monetary policy update next week and looks to weigh on rate cut expectations Join DailyFX’s Senior Currency Strategist Chris […]

US Dollar Rebound Hinges on Reduction in Fed Rate Cut Odds

Top FX Headlines Talking Points: The US Dollar (via the DXY Index) is testing resistance in the downtrend dating back to the late-May highs. After the June US retail sales report, Fed funds have backed away from pricing in three rate cuts in 2019. Retail traders have started to flip their US Dollar positioning at […]
Gold Prices Proving Resilient During Correction as Gold Volatility Drops

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