THE only Pattern – Page 286 @ Forex Factory

There is no difference in concept trading D1, H4, H1 support and resistance, then using lower time frame for entry. First and foremost, always look to trade at those support and resistance levels. What you see this week is I am expanding on the entry part, which is not shown in detail before. This is […]

Why Did I Lose That Commerce??? @ Forex Factory

This thread is devoted to all beginners, and not only beginners, who might be struggling with Stop Losses, or just can’t figure out how to be profitable in the business of trading the charts. What I am offering, here, is my expertise gained during over 30,000 hours spent on studying all of the aspects of […]

Market bottom rotation trading – Page 287 @ Forex Factory

Hi, Janpec, i read one article recently, it is mainly about an idea of directional trading of stock options. and hence a question from me, (could be very dumb) let’s say Tesla is a classic-bottom-rotating up, and i want to buy (real quotes below): i don’t have money to buy tsla, because its face value […]

Trading Made Simple – Page 4533 @ Forex Factory

Disliked {quote} Why do you ask a “fake trader” a question Iddd? GU does work. Due to USA trade war and GBP Brexit GBPUSD is not for me at this stage. Also DE30 spread is constant at 10 pips. Oh okay 🙂 Please dont take my words here to personally Tekkies. I only used the […]

Trading Made Simple – Page 4529 @ Forex Factory

Disliked {quote} MN BEEB and space to fall, W1 BEOB. Your emas look as they should, too. That pin from the week 13-17.08 would have kept me out, but that is not part of my question. I was not referring to Big E’s rule of entering on the first or second candle, I was just […]

Trend Trading – Page 9 @ Forex Factory

Disliked Here is a chart showing you , buy the time you see a trend it is reversing.Trends are only visible in hindsight.Michael Covel only sells the trend trading dream. Great chart of failed trends {image} Trend Trading is possible without SEEING anything on the chart or going back in history in a time series. […]
Mind over matter high leverage trading (not for wimps) @ Forex Factory

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