Yuan Currency Volatility: USDCNH Eyes Trade War & Looming Data

CNY CURRENCY VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS Elevated USDCNH implied volatility readings persist as forex option traders still anticipate heightened price action in the Chinese Yuan CNY could move significantly in response to trade talk headlines and Wednesday’s expected data dump from China Find out why you should Watch CNY, HKD & SHCOMP for Clues on […]

Currency Volatility: GBPUSD Volatility Surges Amid Emergency EU Summit

Currency VolatilityGBPUSD and EURUSD Talking Points GBPUSD Volatility Surges, Brexit Extension to be Announced EURUSD Risk Reversals Flip to Positive, Suggesting Near Term Bottom Top 10 most volatile currency pairs and how to trade them 1D Implied Volatility Source: Thomson Reuters, DailyFX Take a look at our Brexit Timeline to see how negotiations have impacted […]

EURUSD: Overnight Implied Volatility Jumps Ahead of Friday’s Data

EURUSD Implied Volatility – Talking Points: EURUSD overnight volatility has nearly doubled since last Friday as currency traders prepare for Eurozone and U.S. economic data slated for release tomorrow Spot prices have coiled into a rising wedge pattern that looks ready to break into a new trend with the direction likely dictated by the data […]

USDCAD: Implied Volatility Depressed Despite Upcoming Event Risks

USDCAD Implied Volatility – Talking Points: USDCAD 1-week implied volatility seems subdued as currency option traders expect muted price action Several key economic indicators scheduled for release out of the United States and Canada could push the forex pair outside its statistical trading range Technical indicators are portraying a mixed message, with prices trading comfortably […]
USDCAD: Implied Volatility Depressed Despite Upcoming Event Risks

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