Currency Volatility: EURUSD and AUDUSD Eye Information, US Tariffs

CURRENCY VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS USD implied volatility dropped slightly as trade war headlines simmer and markets pivot to the weekend High-impact economic data expected next week could set up the Euro and Australian Dollar for big swings in spot prices Enhance your forex trading knowledge with this article on currency correlation Implied volatility on […]

Currency Volatility: GBPUSD Volatility Surges Amid Emergency EU Summit

Currency VolatilityGBPUSD and EURUSD Talking Points GBPUSD Volatility Surges, Brexit Extension to be Announced EURUSD Risk Reversals Flip to Positive, Suggesting Near Term Bottom Top 10 most volatile currency pairs and how to trade them 1D Implied Volatility Source: Thomson Reuters, DailyFX Take a look at our Brexit Timeline to see how negotiations have impacted […]

Yen Dips on Trade Balance Information, Eyes Possible US Tariffs Next

TALKING POINTS: YEN, USD/JPY, BANK OF JAPAN, CPI, TRADE WARS Yen cautiously lower after July’s trade balance data, follow-through lacking Bank of Japan unlikely to consider a near-term policy change USD/JPY eyes US CPI and potential US-Japan trade war next Just started tradingUSD/JPY? Check out ourbeginners’ FX markets guide! The Japanese Yen slightly declined against […]

Asian Stocks Mixed As Tariff Deadline Passes,US Payrolls Loom

ASIAN STOCKS TALKING POINTS: Asian stocks were mixed into the week’s end Trade worries again dominated sentiment although some beaten down stocks still managed gains The US Dollar was steady before the key payrolls release Find out what retail foreign exchange traders make of the Australian Dollar’s prospects right now, in real time, at the […]
Asian Stocks Mixed As Tariff Deadline Passes,US Payrolls Loom

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