US Dollar Bounces from Support Ahead of Busy Economic Calendar

US Dollar, EURUSD, USDJPY Talking Points: – This week’s economic calendar brings a number of USD-drivers to the fold, with the expected highlight being the Tuesday-Wednesday Humphrey Hawkins testimony from FOMC Chair, Jerome Powell. Also pertinent is the Trump-Kim Summit scheduled for this week, set to take place in Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday and Thursday. […]

US Greenback, ASEAN Currencies Eye Volatile Week Packed With Wildcards

ASEAN Fundamental Outlook An improvement in sentiment left the US Dollar lower as ASEAN currencies appreciated The Singapore Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit may focus more on external risks instead From US economic data to the Fed and several wildcards, volatility may increase Trade all the major global economic data live and interactive at the DailyFX […]

Hawkish vs Dovish: How Monetary Policy Affects FX Trading

You have probably heard a financial news presenter say something along the lines of “The central bank governor came out slightly hawkish today after bouts of strong economic data”. The terms Hawkish and Dovish refer to whether central banks are more likely to tighten (hawkish) or accommodate (dovish) their monetary policy. Central bank policy makers […]

Asia Stocks Embrace Prospects of US Avoiding Another Shutdown

Asia Pacific Markets Wrap Talking Points Asia Pacific equities follow European shares higher after mixed US session Hopes of the US avoiding a shutdown bolstered sentiment, JPY depreciated Nikkei 225 has best day since December, but still needs to clear resistance Find out what retail traders’ equities buy and sell decisionssay about the coming price […]
AUDUSD Bulls Push the Bid from Key Support as USDJPY Re-Tests 110.00

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