MTF Stochastics Trading – Page 13 @ Forex Factory

Disliked {quote} Hi Bobby and all here And yet he is right! Ultra-Stochastic, consistently on the higher TF, does not repaint and is an excellent indicator. A small and minimal improvement at your MTF Stochastic I have one with color line Too bad that you are systematically closed to any improvement But your strategy is […]

it’s a small matter – Page 22 @ Forex Factory

Disliked {quote} To know what is coming next I seem to fall on leading indicators to cut noise and make it easier to calculate the probability of a future move. //—– hey tzamo…. there is no problem beating the yearly interest rates at banks…. you can do that in a single trade…. on a hundred […]

My way to highway – Page 49 @ Forex Factory

Disliked {quote} There is only one post from you at that date a says nothing {quote} OK you broke your rule,you went too aggressive,what does is say? Nothing.What new we can learn from your experience? Nothing.We all know,that rules suppose to be obeyed. It is so hard to say, I had e.g. 5000 balance and […]

Market bottom rotation trading – Page 244 @ Forex Factory

Disliked {quote} Good to see your longer term trade working out. I might have missed the post where you explained it, why did you enter the oil short? The shorts on Crude were part of what i call “2014” play, when the USA opened asymmetric conflict against emerging markets (few selected countries), the play rendered […]

EURUSD Only – Page 1405 @ Forex Factory

Imho the only we can do to prevent stop loss hunting is to proper place stop losses. This means above actual LH’s going short and below HL’s going long, this means only above / below the one’s that produced a NSL or NSH afterwards. Between those two points this is only more complex correction and […]

Pivot Trading – Page 1083 @ Forex Factory

Disliked Hi guys There are malicious individuals on this forum that want to bring harm to me.Published personal info that should of never happened. I for 2 years took time from my family friends to teach share a winning system and instead I get rewarded in most atrocious manner. It was a pleasure knowing you […]

EURUSD Only – Page 1386 @ Forex Factory

Disliked Can anyone give me an idea on what just happened? Draghi speaking couldnt have hit it that hard. Dude…“We intend to maintain our policy of reinvesting the principal payments from maturing securities purchased under the APP for an extended period of time after the end of our net asset purchases, and in any case […]

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