Alfa Trading System

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What are your taughts on Anton Kreil? Youtube link in comment

https://youtu.be/L7G0OfJUON8 Do you agree with his oppinion that pretty much almost 95% of forex education is scam? That every educator (for instance on Udemy or Youtube) works for specific broker? That daytrading is not profitable? Etc. Etc. P.S. His company provides forex education for 3,000 eur per year. As this is insane amount of money, […]

* Accurate Forex Indicator Not Robot Auto Pilot MT4

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Ice 9 Technology Review

Info: scamavenger.com/ice-9-technology-review The headline of the Ice 9 website boldly promises “Earn $4,900 a week, easily with Silicon Valley’s own Ice9 Software.” The Ice 9 sales video is very convincing, but read the website agreement and you see that the video is fake. Ice9 is trying to trick you into opening an account with an […]
Ice 9 Technology Review

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