Australian Dollar Strength Falls Aside, Can AUD/CAD Breakout Final?

Australian Dollar Technical Forecast Strength in the Australian Dollar largely fell apart this past week AUD/USD may be heading for declines, confirmation is needed AUD/NZD consolidation extends, AUD/CAD attempts breakout Have a question about what’s in store for Australian Dollar next week? Join aTrading Q&A Webinarto ask it live! In this week’s vote, the most […]

US Dollar Tempers Strength as EUR/USD, GBP/USD Bounce From Lows

US Dollar Talking Points: – The US Dollar is pulling back from fresh one-year-highs after this week’s open saw a clean topside breakout in the currency. Prices gapped-higher on this week’s open and, to date, that gap hasn’t yet been filled. That gap shows around prior resistance of 97.00, and this becomes an area of […]

USD Energy: Is a Strong Currency Good or Dangerous?

FX news and analysis: Politicians generally welcome a strong currency; economists say it can be either good or bad. For traders, it’s the impact on other assets that really matters. Check out the IG Client Sentiment data to help you trade profitably. Importance of a strong currency Politicians tend to welcome a strong currency and […]
EURUSD Holds Lows at Key Support as USD Strength Takes a Pause

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