EURGBP Extends Winning Streak as Brexit Uncertainty Weighs

EURGBP Price Outlook: EURGBP Extends Winning Streak as Brexit Uncertainty Weighs On the back of renewed Brexit uncertainty, EURGBP has staged an incredible rally over the last 9 trading days, surging from 0.8492 to 0.8748. The streak is the longest for EURGBP since the end of 2008 when the pair matched the current run. Beyond […]

Bank of England Leaves Rates Unchanged, GBP Price Volatile

Bank of England, GBP price, news and analysis: The Bank of England has left UK monetary policy on hold, as economists had predicted, but the minutes of its latest meeting and its quarterly Inflation Report are both modestly hawkish. Bank Governor Mark Carney says interest rate increases will be required after a smooth Brexit. That […]

EURUSD Holds 1.1200 from Now, Dow Ignoring WTO’s GDP Slash

EUR/USD Talking Points: EURUSD finally posted a bounce from 1.1200 with a divergence in service sector indicators offering a data baseline A notable slide in developed world service sector PMIs leveraged the WTO’s sharp cut to its 2019 growth forecast (from 3.7% to 2.6%) Brexit headlines reported a tied vote on another round of Parliamentary […]

Top 5 FX Occasions: Third Brexit Vote & GBPJPY Price Outlook

Talking Points: – The Brexit extension from March 29 to April 12 is contingent upon the UK parliament passing Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement. – It’s possible that if the third vote to pass PM May’s Brexit deal fails, she will have to step down and call for a General Election. – Retail traders […]

Brexit Uncertainty Leaves GBPUSD Implied Volatility At 32-Month Highs

GBPUSD IMPLIED VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS A potential no-deal “hard Brexit” remains 8 days away after a series of votes rejected PM Theresa May’s latest Withdrawal Agreement last week despite MPs also opposing a no-deal departure Sterling traders now await the EU’s decision if the other 27 member countries will approve the UK’s request to […]

EURUSD Recovers Post ECB, GBPUSD Pulls Off Best Levels

MARKET DEVELOPMENT – EUR RECOVERS POST ECB, GBP OFF BEST LEVELS EUR: After a brief dip below 1.13, the Euro has recovered from the choppy price action seen in the aftermath of yesterday’s ECB meeting. While Draghi altered to language over growth risks (moving to the downside), providing a cautious outlook, this had largely been […]
EURUSD Recovers Post ECB, GBPUSD Pulls Off Best Levels

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