EUR/USD Implied Volatility Drops to Multi-Year Lows

EUR/USD CURRENCY VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS Spot EUR/USD has fluctuated within a relatively tight trading range since late 2018 Lack of currency volatility in spot EUR/USD has weighed on future expected price action EUR/USD implied volatility across the 6-month and 12-month measures have plunged to the lowest level since July 2014 and June 2007 respectively […]

EURUSD Eyes G20 Summit, Xi Trump Meeting and US Data

EURUSD FORECAST, G20 SUMMIT, TRUMP XI MEETING – TALKING POINTS EURUSD eyeing G20 summit in Osaka, Japan Main focus will be on Trump-Xi trade meeting US econ data could temporarily take spotlight See our free guide to learn how to use economic news in your trading strategy! G20 SUMMIT: XI TRUMP MEETING, TRADE WARS Investors […]

USO & BIL ETF Demand Driven by Oil Restoration, Rate Cut Odds

USO & BIL ETF Flows: The USO ETF saw increased demand as investors attempted to call the bottom in crude oil’s price Similarly, the T-Bill-tracking BIL ETF enjoys inflows amid a continued inversion of the yield curve Interested in stock trading? Read about the relationship between volatility and future returns USO & BIL ETF Demand […]

Trade Wars and Tariffs Have Put the US Auto Industry in Peril

Auto Industry Outlook: Trade Wars and Tariffs Have Put the US Auto Industry in Peril The US auto industry is in peril despite efforts from the Trump administration to bolster the sector and revert manufacturing back to domestic plants. That said, the two largest US auto manufacturers, Ford and General Motors, have performed admirably in […]
Trade Wars and Tariffs Have Put the US Auto Industry in Peril

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