Trade War Weighs on Chinese Tech Shares, Emerging Markets

Trade War Weighs on Chinese Tech Stocks, Emerging Markets: Trade War Weighs on Chinese Tech Stocks, Emerging Markets Chinese equities have faced significant pressure this week after the US-China trade war took a turn into the technology sector. With Huawei under fire from the United States, both US and Chinese tech stocks have displayed weakness […]

US Dollar Price Breakout Still Doable; US-China Trade War Latest

US Dollar Price Talking Points: The DXY Index touched a fresh monthly high on Tuesday, drawing into focus a potential bullish breakout opportunity around the May FOMC minutes release midweek. US-China trade war tensions remain, but beyond verbal jousting, no new measures appear on the horizon. Retail traders are selling US Dollar strength, suggesting that […]

Both S&P 500 and USDCNH Advance Through Uneven Trade War Views

Trade Wars Talking Points: Confirmation of trade war breakthroughs is still missing after reports of auto tariff decision delay and metals tariff lift The USDCNH has yet to retreat and AUDUSD continues to slide as the US-China negotiation mood sours after Trump bans Huawei Dollar’s bid should only be relied upon if the Euro, Pound […]

Yuan Currency Volatility: USDCNH Eyes Trade War & Looming Data

CNY CURRENCY VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS Elevated USDCNH implied volatility readings persist as forex option traders still anticipate heightened price action in the Chinese Yuan CNY could move significantly in response to trade talk headlines and Wednesday’s expected data dump from China Find out why you should Watch CNY, HKD & SHCOMP for Clues on […]

US China Trade War Uncertainty Continues to Stir Forex Volatility

CURRENCY VOLATILITY – TALKING POINTS The DXY US Dollar Index 1-week implied volatility metric reflects a rising trend of expected price action Currency volatility has ticked higher subsequent to the unprecedented lows recorded last month in response to the latest uncertainty surrounding US China trade talks The ‘trade war currency pairs’ like USDCNH and USDMXN […]
US China Trade War Uncertainty Continues to Stir Forex Volatility

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