This is exactly who I am...

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Magic beans are where it’s at, yo.

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This is exactly who I am…
Lol, in all seriousness though do not over invest anything that you can not afford to. I am all for bitcoin being the National currency, but keep your priorities straight so you will not end up on the streets because you can’t afford your next month payments/rent/mortgage.

This is exactly who I am…
I sold at 15k. I’m a lucky mofo.

This is exactly who I am…
Press F to pay respects.

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Receive Lightning Network Payments in your web with just one button
That’s awesome! this is also very cool: []( (chrome lightning extension)

Receive Lightning Network Payments in your web with just one button
A couple of days ago, I released []( (beta) here, a service to get Lightning Network tippings without running a node; not as good as controlling your keys, but I think it’s nice as a workaround until we get nice wallets 🙂
(Original [link here](


Well, the next step in my roadmap is almost ready; I’ve created a javascript button that can be **integrated in any web**, allowing you to receive Lightning Network tips **anywhere**: Once they press the button, a **popup** appears with a QR-Code. No need to go to []( 🙂

I’ll announce it when it’s ready (give me a couple of days more, maybe less).

I hope you like it!

Just a reminder.
Do you have in better resolution to use as wallpaper? Thanks!

Just a reminder.
What the hell kind of nightmarish creatures are those supposed to be?

Just a reminder.
If you don’t give a shit – does that make you a shit-hodler ?

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Magic beans are where it's at, yo. ...

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