Walking into my home, amd almost stepped on this! Could it be a signal? ...of what although?

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The Bitcoin Bandit strikes again…🕵️‍♂️

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Lightning Chess games
**https://koalastud.io/chess/C70MxHATM1-eNSjN7FbpB** click on this link for a 50 sats game !!! Good luck !!!!

Lightning Chess games
hi lads! game for 50 sats anyone? https://koalastud.io/chess/ajMIafNKY7UHQwfmSkB73

Lightning Chess games
I like the idea but I’m a complete noob with lightning. A “help” section a little more detailed on how to make a deposit step by step would help ppl like me give it a try 🙂

Lightning Chess games
Ok, cool but much to be done before you can get users directly engaged. I would want to try it out before inviting a friend for example but I’m stuck at https://koalastud.io/chess/kkuHICY82-5vZGo32TEFg without a way to do anything. I see buttons but no explanation on how they work? Is it 10sat to undo as many moves as I want? Do I trade with my opponent on undoing moves? How does betting work? Proposals??? So may I ask an all-powerful chess computer for assistance (without having to export the game to my personal all-powerful chess computer)?

Lightning Chess games
very cool but I think that the fast nature of lightning payments will match best with instant reward games, like shooters, platforms. with chess you can just give a prize to whoever wins at the end. it’s the beginning though.

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The Bitcoin Bandit strikes again...🕵️‍♂️ ...

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