Why Bitcoin?

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  1. They can just ban / block all the exchanges, price would crash even with decentralised exchanges. All the money locked in coinbase gone overnight!

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  2. Xi can still arrest u and leave u in a hole. Putin can execute you for treason. IRS can make ur life hell. Like john wick said, 14MN is nothing if “you cant spend it”

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  3. Coming from a big btc supporter: this stuff is INCREDIBLY cringeworthy, I thought it’d quiet down with time, however this message tends to be publicised even MORE as the time goes on.

    It’s pathethic, all those statements are false at a pure ground truth level (true only if you put lots of caveats), and WILL come and bite the btc community in the ass at the first occasion.
    Let’s say when btc is finally “mainstream” (here, happy?) people will grow up with those as ground beliefs, and as soon as one crumbles, the whole thing will be in trouble.

    However, nobody cares because the only reason people still shill those kinds of messages is because they want their btc to go UP UP UP to the moon, so who cares about badly and wrongly advertising one of the biggest opportunities for revolutions that society has ever come in touch with, as long as my 100 mmmmerican dollarz become 1000.

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  4. Xi might not be able to pull your bitcoin, but he can make sure you can never buy a home, rent a hotel or get a vehicle. No amount of currency in any form can fix civic issues. Putin will still poison your coffee with Uranium even if you trade with BTC.

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  5. Same shit everyday. Everyday they regurgitate the same illiterate bs

    Look there is a million reasons why you should invest in bitcoin but QUIT with this bs.
    If the US gov and Europe bans all crypto currency from being used in their commerce then wtf are you going to do?

    And the worse part is everybody knows this. But they just ignore and upload and spread these stupid message.

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  6. It depends where you do it…

    [https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/cwg5nf/paid_our_employees_with_bitcoin_now_were/]( https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/cwg5nf/paid_our_employees_with_bitcoin_now_were/)

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  7. And yet exchanges need permission to trade, price is influenced by whether countries “ban or allow it”, and it’s considered taxable income.

    Great tech

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  8. One of my friends works at a credit union, so he considers himself a financial expert, and to his credit, (haha) he is. But when I mention that Bitcoin has the advantage of avoiding these kinds of shenanigans, he responds by asking if I actually think the US government will ever interfere in my financial affairs.

    I honestly don’t think they ever will, or that banks will unfairly freeze or take my money, but damn it must be nice to be that carefree.

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  9. 1. Probably yeah, for highly sensible targerts, really doubt he cant
    2. Yup he can.
    3. Yes they can
    4. Oh, shit they can do all of the stuff mentioned in the list lol

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  10. “The US can’t sanction you”

    Unfortunately, BTC is still just a proxy for fiat. The US (and China, and others) can issue policies that wouldn’t sanction your BTC, but reduce the value (image if the US declared ACH transfers to/from crypto currencies illegal, for example). Even if you are “your own bank”, even if you have no holdings in an exchange, even if they reverse the decision eventually: the market will respond, your BTC will lose value, and you’ll have no recourse other than hoping the market recovers.

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  11. Of course they can, they can just ban bitcoin?!

    That doesnt mean that bitcoin no longer exists, but it definitely makes it harder for you to use it.

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  12. Surely Xi Jinping could do something against Bitcoin. Just imagine the amount of mining farms working in China. He makes a Thanos snap to them, and apocalypse happens on the market. They are smarter then that, sure, but he could.

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  13. I don’t buy into the whole Bitcoin thing as a replacement for fiat. The reason fiat is great is because there are a lot of institutions in place that can act as an authority and help you store, lend, borrow, invest, and protect money. For example, I pay someone $100 but they don’t give me the item I bought off of them or it’s defective. I now have no recourse because there’s no authoritative entity that can help me recoup my funds in the case of fraud and the recipient can run with the money. By the time we get cryptocurrency to the same level of infrastructure as fiat, there will be little distinction and it’ll make you wonder what made you love Bitcoin in the first place. There are too many players in major fiat currencies that will let it get devalued. So fuck “freedom” with my cash given this limitation. Bitcoin is nothing more than a black market currency. Unless you live in a shithole country like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, you’re better off with your country’s fiat.

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  14. Why Bitcoin?
    Waste of electricity
    One of the most centralized decentralized coins
    Higher fees then any 3rd generation coin
    Doesn’t support most cool features that others do i.e (smart contacts, feelessness)

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